BCPIL factory

BANGLADESH CASHEW NUT PROCESSING INDUSTRIES LTD (BCNPIL) is a venture of Khan Brothers Group. BCNPIL is expected to exploit the economies of the new sector in Bangladesh.

The project will be located along the Meghna River Bank on 100 decimal of land presently owned by the BCNPIL. The project will be equipped with renowned brand of machinery and equipment.

BCNPIL already has availed a Gas line that can produce 7.5 MW of electricity. The most important features of the project are that it is located a little far from Dhaka city; it shall have workers’ dormitory inside the project premise; and goods can be shipped through waterways to the destination port of Chittagong. These features will enable the company to run uninterrupted production and ship the goods with low transportation cost, avoiding the volatile political atmosphere in Bangladesh.

Cashew nut kernels are mainly used for the snack market as a roasted and salted snack.Due to the lovely taste, the cashew nut is seen as an upper class nut. The cashew nut is becoming of more and more interest to industrial users and is as such used for cookies, cereals and is also promoted as a topping on ice-cream.

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